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Whoops, I kinda ended up off on a super long hiatus. Sorry! I'll be uploading stuff here again soon! Sometime... orz


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nakuuro Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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berryville Featured By Owner Edited Feb 27, 2016
I'd really liked your part two on U.S. states. Your managed to know Louisiana a little more better than an outsider would, but I also noticed you didn't have facts that actually are of Louisiana. Here are the things you forgot and missed:

1. Louisiana has a pretty strong Hispanic past due to nearly forty years of Spanish rule, the influx of settlers from the Canary Islands called "Isleños" and Malaga, Spain, which gave Louisiana surnames such as Martinez, Cortez, Perez, Sanchez, Morales, Gomez, Gonzales, Acosta, Truxillo, Torres, Prados, Segura, Romero, Miguez, Hidalgo and Nunez. However, settlers from Spain really didn't start settling into Louisiana until statehood. Also, the Spanish government was responsible for bringing the Acadians to Louisiana. It's really contradictory because Spain wanted more Hispanophones in the colony.

2. Another note on Louisiana's Hispanic culture---New Orleans and our state has had long ties with Latin America, especially Cuba and Honduras. In fact, New Orleans is referred to be the most Latin city in America, due to French, Spanish, and Caribbean influences on architecture, cuisine, and culture. A lot of ironwork you see in New Orleans (especially the French Quarter) is an influence from the Spanish.

3. The third note on our state's Hispanic past----The buildings of the French Quarter are predominately Spanish! The Ursuline Convent on Chartres Street is the only French building! The reason why is the Great New Orleans Fire of 1788.

4. There are at least 50-70 ethnic groups in Louisiana. Even more than that. They are, but not limited to, African-American, Native-American, French, Spanish, Isleño, Portuguese, Brazilian, Honduran, Dominican, Mexican, Cuban, Italian (primarily Sicilian), German, Irish, Czech, Hungarian, Yugoslavian, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, British, Jewish, Greeks and so forth.

5. Our food is flavorful----not spicy! Sure, we love heat, but not to the point it numbs us. Cayenne pepper gives the kick in all south Louisiana cuisine, Cajun and Creole.

6. North Louisiana is Protestant. South Louisiana is Catholic. I am a Black Baptist who is in love with his faith in a predominately Catholic area of Louisiana.

7. Louisiana, along with Puerto Rico, are the only places in the country that use civil law as the main form of law, but public and administrative laws are legislation from the bench. Our state's laws are a mixture of French and Spanish legal codes. As a matter of fact, our civil law is Code Napoleon.

8. Not every Cajun has a French surname! Cajuns could have Spanish surnames such as Romero, Gomez, Fernandez, and Vega, German surnames such as Toups, Stelly, Hoffpauir (Hoff-POWER) and Schexnayder (Schecks-ni-dur), and British Isle surnames such as Edwards, McGee and Reed.

9. Gumbo and Jambalaya can be found in both Cajun and Creole cuisines.

10. Even though some people still hold true in their stupid ways concerning race, women young and old, regardless of color, race or ethnic makeup, have been interested in me and wanted to be with me in more ways than they let on.

11. The term "Creole" now refers to a person of mixed French, Spanish, Native-American, and African-American ancestry.


12. Many people consider the New Orleans Yat accent to be Cajun----WRONG!!!!!! The Yat accent is highly similar to the accent found in all boroughs of New York City, due to the same ethnic stocks settling both cities---Irish, Italian, German, and Jewish. The Yat accent also has Southern, French and Spanish influences. Also, New York and New Orleans are both surrounded by water

I hope these facts are useful to you if you want to do further stuff on the Pelican State. Thank you and God bless you.
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